Ways Chocolate Moulding Machine Can Improve Your Business.

YS/DT 1200 chocolate molding machine is a fully automated line which minimises workmanship and manufacturing declines. Moulding is made easy because of the adjustable quantity of tempered chocolate. VEC-CM-300 Semi Automatic Chocolate Moulding Machine. Moulding machines are specially made to fill tempered chocolates into moulds to make pralines, pills, bars and hollow figures. The largest moulding machine can handle up to 100 kg and can be extended with an extra chocolate pump.

If one wants to produce the cubes that the machine flips within the mould, vibrates it, and brings it back into its initial place. On this type of machine we recommend the combo of a TANK200 / 400 kg with level sensor to accommodate to the high efficacy of this machine. This sort of moulding machines is also suitable as the foundation for an automated enrobing line for full automatic coating of chocolates or truffles.

Automated loader for filling and vibration of polycarbonate molds capable of producing solid and hollow bodies. Easy to use and also to keep the 30 pound molding machine supplies a high quality for its value. The machine should work in combination with a TOP EX tempering machine. Fully build of stainless steel and equipped with precise electronic components, the moulding machines guarantee continuous productivity.

Equipped with a vibrating table, a mixer and a variable rate moulding wheel to control the circulation debit, this machine will allow any confectioner to conserve a lot chocolate temperer of labor time. The smallest device can manage up to 15 kg chocolates and may be utilized as a joint table high melter, tempering and molding device.

The procedure for the creation of solid bodies (pills, napolitaines etc.) is much easier: in this case the bodies, following the filling and following vibration to evenly disperse the chocolate within it, are straight expelled, just like its predecessors, in the connected tube. Transportation of the tempered chocolate into the moulds is provided by a rotating wheel.

The complete system has extremely compact dimensions without sacrificing growth: about 6 moulds / minute for chocolate shells and strong bodies. Having this type of machine we advocate the combo of a TANK200 / 400 kg with flat sensor to cater to the high efficacy of this machine. This system allows the operator to select between two types of unique procedures following the filling of the mould during the perforated injection plate.

Inner partitions, where the item may have chance to contact are made out of SS 304. This sort of chocolate machinery increase production capability in quick changing environments with a demand for smaller batches. The device has a maximum running speed of 18 moulds per second and is offered in a stainless steel or painted finish.

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